Difficult time makes you stronger!

Who hasn’t had a tough time? Who hasn’t had those times that make or break a person’s self-esteem , or the times that make a person stronger or that make them weaker . We’ve all had one of those days when we do not have motivation to work , or cope with whatever problems we face , sometimes it does feel like giving up on everything we have or we want to achieve . But is that even a real solution !? The song lyrics , “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, by Kelly Clarkson really does ring true

Surviving tough times is never an easy process , because it becomes a lot on your plate and with that you begin to think about lot of things at a time. 2020 has been a crazy year for most of us  , we’ve only heard about deaths of hundred’s and thousand’s of people living in our country . We’ve lost people whom we know and many have lost their loved ones . Personally, I’ve lost my dad and grandpa within six months in 2020 , it was unreal for me and my family . During my tough days , it was really difficult for me to focus on my studies after the trauma I had faced . I could’ve easily fell off and just think about my past . Instead , I kept myself busy by studying and reminding myself that , “you will get through this , don’t keep your self behind by thinking what has already happened!”

Just remember that everything ends. Whether it is  good or bad , it doesn’t last forever . Our minds tends to expand negative events as they happen and so it appears like they’ve  been going on for a lot more then they really did . Even the worst kind of situations end at some point of life. All you can do is give yourself an instant motivation , have patience and wait .

We all go through  difficult times in life. It helps us Build up the strength to make it through anything. I feel going through hard times is beneficial , it makes you tougher , stronger and more successful. The wisest and most well-rounded people you meet are usually those who’ve gone through tough times them selves .They have overcome challenges and they have great stories to share.Tough times presents hard and valuable lessons .When you overcome tough times , you’ll realize It’s all about how you think about things.

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