I’m a 16 year old girl who loves to write and share personal experiences with others, but at the same time when I speak to others I’ve noticed that I lack behind when I want to express myself or tell about how I feel about certain things. I am hoping that writing blogs might help a bit, and get a change that I really want to see in myself . It’s been a year I passed out from school and now I’m studying in college in India . Since past one year lot of things have happened in my life , basically I had a tough year. To me , priority is to take care of my family ; the fewest friends that I have and to built a better lifestyle for myself and my family. My hobbies keep changing as I grow I don’t know why!? But at this point of my life I love to read books , sing and cook!

I’m absolutely new to this world of blogging and socializing. I had never thought that one day I’d be sharing my thoughts , opinions and what my life revolves around to audience and people I do not know. I’m looking forward to connect with all of you and to built a social and virtual family together!

Thank you!


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